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About Prime Shares Estate

Crowdfunding is a fantastic way for investors to get onto the property ladder and offers the easy way to buy into London property. However, we have taken the idea of crowdfunded property investment a step further by targeting international investors who want to live in Central London properties and hedging their FX risk.

Prime Shares Estate will *pre-select for you Prime Central London apartments which have the maximum potential to increase in value. Each investment opportunity is structured in an individual limited company (SPV) which is completely independent from Prime Share Estate and as an investor, you will become the owner of a portion of the shares in the SPV.

In return you will receive:

► Yearly rental income (3-4% per annum)

► Capital growth (3-5% per annum)

► Stay credit* , up to 10 weeks per annum in proportion to your share (monetary benefit 0.5% per annum)

► FX protection and growth (projected 1.5% per annum)

► Property sourced and fully managed by PSE

in proportion to your share.

Standard Investment:

► Minimum investment GBP 60k (INR 51,60,000 - GBP/INR 86)

► Max investment in one property is 25% of property value

► Ideal for yield seekers


► Primesharesestate (PSE) initial one off admin and origination fees 5%

► PSE 15% participation fee after 5 years on the property appreciation only (PSE and Investors interests are aligned)


*Property Selection: We source our properties using a mix of conventional channels (estate Agents) and directly from the seller. This helps us to keep sourcing cost down and increase the benefit for our investors and ensures that our clients gain access to the very best properties ahead of the rest of the market. Our relationships and partnership with central London estate agents and market knowledge is key to ensuring that nothing has been missed and giving our clients the confidence that they are making an informed decision and have access to the very best opportunities.

*Stay Credit Mechanism: Stay Credit will be assigned to investors in proportion to their Investment. We reserve a total of 10 weeks per annum . An investor who owns 10% of the property will be allocated 1 week of free stay, which can be booked directly through the managing company.





Properties Invested in


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Property crowdfunding is a process where multiple investors come together to purchase a property.
PSE offers opportunities that would be difficult to access individually and moreover end-to- end management, which is not accessible especially for international investors. By utilising the power of the crowd and advanced technology PSE is able to offer investment opportunities that would have historically only been available to select investors and definitely not to international investors. Our assets are selected to offer market-beating rental yields providing a steady income to our investors. Returns are further advanced with capital appreciation (an increase in the value of the underlying asset) and also should be any FX appreciation.
The PSE investment committee has combined property and general investment experience of over 15 years. Their experience ranges from residential and commercial lettings management, FX Risk Management and Investment in other asset classes, acquisition and disposals and property development. PSE finds properties through their network of contacts and through analysing both on and off-market opportunities.
Each property comes with a stay credit for each investor, which gives them right to stay free of cost (a very minimal cleaning charge is applied) in the properties they have invested in. This means that our investors can not only gain the yields from those properties but also live in those properties and enjoy their very own Central London holiday home at a very nominal cost. Investors are more than welcome to book more days than those assigned to them free of charge (e.g. if an investor has 10 days assigned stay credit per year they can still book the apartment for 20 days), the duration which is over and above the assigned stay credit which be charged at the market price minus an investor discount that will be offered to PSE investors. This ensures that our investors have the maximum use of the properties available to them at their disposal. Stay Credit can be utilised by making a booking through an online platform supported by our management partners.
PSE property investments are owned by a ‘specific purpose vehicle’, or SPV. This is the name given to a Limited Company set up for a specific purpose. In our case, this will be property investment.
Once you have invested into a property and the property is fully funded, a share certificate will be issued to you. This should take around 14-21 working days.
Each investment has a designated time frame in order to increase your potential returns. However, we realise that there will be times when this period does not necessarily meet the investor’s needs such as when circumstances change. In this case, we will try and find a buyer who will be interested in buying your shares in the specific Central London apartment that you will be looking to make an exit from. Please note: there may not be sufficient demand to sell your investment through PSE investor base.
Prime Shares Estate operates as a regulated property crowd-funding site for international investors. Prime Shares Estate investment committee hand pick assets that meet a strict criterion in terms of returns for investors while minimising investment risk. PSE also manage FX risk on behalf of the investors, give them stay credit to stay in those properties and use them as holiday homes and the entire end to end process from sourcing these properties, distributing yields on an annual basis to eventually disposing these properties off and returning the investors funds at the end of the investment term.
PSE has taken every step to ensure our process is well thought out and our investors’ money is in safe hands at all times. Our team of experts conducts extensive due diligence on each asset we make available to the crowd. Each asset is vetted against our high standards and we have taken the necessary precautions with regards to insurance on all of our assets. An investor’s money is held in a ‘special purpose vehicle’ (which is essentially a limited company in the UK and our investors will be shareholders in that SPV), which means that each investment is totally secured, and if the unforeseen does happen, your investment in the SPV remains intact. A director will be appointed in line with terms set out in the shareholder's agreement. The director will administer the requirements set out in the shareholder's agreement and oversee the repatriation of funds to investors.
Each property investment will have a typical investment lifespan of 3-5 years. The PSE team run various financial models to determine the optimum length for an investment in order to maximise returns for our investors. Investment length and estimated returns are listed on each investment opportunity. As property is an illiquid asset and as property acquisition normally has high acquisition costs it is generally considered a longer-term investment. Early exit is possible but this could adversely affect the total return on investment.
You can invest in every property that hasn’t already sold out on our platform. We try to negotiate the best price for our investors since our fees has been especially aligned to our investors interest to ensure we are playing from the same team – i.e. if our investors properties don’t appreciate we don’t make the majority of our fees since our 15% fees is based on the net gain and is subject to only if the properties we source appreciate. We provide an estimated price of the property, which includes the stamp duty, our fees, contingency fund (which will be returned at the end of the investment should there be no use of it) and our aim is always to negotiate the best price on behalf of our investors to ensure our estimated price amount is accurate. Estimated price amount = Property Price + Stamp Duty + Solicitor Fees plus any admin expenses + PSE Fees + Contingency Funds
The return the investor gets is on each SPV advert under the heading ‘PSE Estimates’. Each investment opportunity has its own unique amount of return. You can select performance based on your investment objectives. Investing in property generally offers rental returns, which provide a regular income on an annual basis, as well as capital appreciation, which is determined by market forces. We use historical data and forecasts from reputable surveyors and analysts to provide estimated capital appreciation.
PSE charge each SPV a fee for administration (5%), management (15%), and profit share (15%). The administration fee is payable when investing. This is to cover the overheads associated with setting you up as a client. The management fee is a monthly charge on gross rent and is designed to cover the management of the SPV and its assets and also to run our Stay Credit model using advanced analytical techniques to maximise returns for our investors. The profit share is payable on exit. This has been designed to reward PSE should the investment offered by us prove to be successful for you.
Returns are made quarterly or monthly depending on the apartment. All payments are made directly to the bank account in India using transfer wise in the UK on an annual basis.