Prime Shares Estate


Property investment is one of the most established and secure investment options available, particularly over the long term and the UK presents one of the most profitable and exciting property markets in the world:

► Forecasted average capital growth of 8% - 10% p.a. for the next 5 years.  (Rental income + Increase in value)

► Investors can live in the property for free in proportion to the share they own, this is equivalent to an estimated monetary benefit of 0.5% per annum.

► Managing a property can be very hard work. We take the hassle out of property investment whilst you will continue to benefit from capital appreciation and a steady income.

► We are specialized in foreign investment and we understand the risks linked to it. That’s why we are the only company providing FX management so your return will depend only on the Property market evolution and is not affected by other markets

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